Carron Berkes grew up in a small Canadian Prairie community where imagination and creativity served her family in work and play. Her childhood play included activities such as improvised theatrical productions, invented games, colouring, Papiér Mâché sculpting and other imaginative entertainments. This creative process continues in her adult life.

Desiring to learn techniques to achieve artistic effects "on purpose", her budding art career began in 1998 by attending informal workshops and classes, and through a long process of continual self-education.

Exploring alternative techniques and subject matter, Berkes is a multi-media visual artist in painting (acrylic on canvas and board, and watercolours), mixed media, recycled art and found objects. Sculpture (paper and clay), photography, and printmaking also hold considerable interest.

With many colourful themes, including the natural world (plants, animals and landscapes), abstraction, figurative and whimsical narratives, her work speaks of subtle and vibrant energy, light, color, shape and form.

Infused with simplicity and imagination, her art is a blend of realism (Bouquet, Pears and Happiness), abstractive interpretations of the physical world (Inner Wisdom, The Alley, Contemplation, DayDream and Abstract Series), whimsical themes of joy and friendship (Mermaid Series), as well as her love and appreciation of animals and the environment (Endangered Series).

Carron Berkes is a Canadian artist currently living in Victoria, British Columbia. Her art is in private collections in Canada, Germany and America.

Artist Statement:
The process of creating or experiencing art removes me from the routine in my life and carries me into a wonderful world of imagination and creation.

I still am amazed at the image or structure that develops and is being created through my hands and before my eyes. It's a type of awe as I contemplate the source of such capacity.

Is it an extension of myself? An aspect of self? Of what is or was meaningful to me that I am just getting to know or perhaps that I had forgotten?

My current understanding is that while I am in the process of creating or experiencing art, I have escaped the material world and have been introduced to some thing - - always an experience of freedom and love.

If the viewer experiences a sense of freedom, of enjoyment and lightness, and discovers something new about themself each time he or she views the art, then the art has accomplished its reason for expression.

I paint, sculpt and enjoy photography and the arts because the experience is pleasurable, relaxing and often enlightening.

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