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Laurie Ladmore Artist Services specializes in the marketing and administration of the work of painter David Ladmore, including the creation and management of his website. From time to time I also take on other clients for web design. The websites I create for artists are appreciated for their clarity and simplicity of design - I believe in a straightforward presentation of an artist's work in an easy to navigate format.

My clients:

David Ladmore Paintings and Etchings

David Ladmore Blog

Capital Arts Festival® 2013

Capital Arts Festival® 2012

Capital Arts Festival® 2011

Capital Arts Festival® 2010

Capital Arts Festival® 2009

Capital Arts Festival® 2008

Capital Arts Festival® 2007

Capital Arts Festival® 2006

State of Art Show and Sale 2007

State of Art Show and Sale 2006

Heaven-on-Earth Marketing and Image Management Company

Heaven-on-Earth Fine Art Creations

John MacArthur

Buddy's Tree Services

Anna-Lisa Emily Meikle BenOthman Photography

Laurie Ladmore Paintings

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Laurie Ladmore Artist Services
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