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  • Monthly web ad rates range from $25 to $80 with multiple ad placements. All rates are currently HST exempt.
  • Monthly billing cycle is commensurate to date of ad purchase.
Policy and General Information
  • Jointly published to HoEMIMCo and Capital Arts Festival® websites.
  • Depending on the ad type(s) purchased, ads will be published either to our:
  • Ad must be professionally designed. Client is responsible for ad design.
  • Not accept political, religious or adult themed ads.
  • Published ad includes weblink to your business website.
    Please remember to email your business weblink
  • Samples of our published web advertising are available at: http://www.hoemimco.com
  • Sender assumes all proof reading responsibilities prior to transmission.
  • Received web ad shall be deemed to be complete and accurate. HoEMIMCo assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions.
  • "Invoice and Agreement" to be sent at time of ad purchase.
  • Your web ad will be published upon receipt of:
    • Payment and
    • Completed and signed Invoice and Agreement
  • When your ad is published, you will receive an email confirmation from our webmaster.
  • Business receipt issued when payment is received.
  • Service charge of $42.50 will be levied per NSF check.
  • Interest rate of 2.08% per month (24.96% per annum) will be applied against all overdue invoices past 30 days from original invoicing date.
PDF Resources

       Web Rate Card

       Web Advertising Guidelines

Ad Specs
  • Sizes:
    • Small Island-2.375" x 1.875" ($25/month)
    • Long Horizontal Banner-6.50" x 0.8333" ($35/month)
    • Short Vertical Banner-1.667" x 3.333" ($35/month)
    • Medium Horizontal Banner-5" x 1.667" ($50/month)
    • Tall Vertical Banner-1.667" x 8.333" ($80/month)
  • Colour or B+W
  • Preferred Files: web-ready ads as JPG or GIF files
  • JPG files saved at "high quality"
  • 72 ppi
  • Saved to transparent background
  • Files no bigger than 2MB
Do Not Send Ad
  • Embedded within a word processing document, i.e. Microsoft Word
  • As a PDF (Adobe Acrobat)
Sample Web Ad

Sample Web Ad

Small Island
2.375" x 1.875"

Email Your Web-Ready Ad Directly to :

Laurie Ladmore
Laurie Ladmore Artist Services

davidlaurieladmore "AT" shaw.ca

Bus: (250) 361-3243
Fax: (250) 383-9068

Ad Bookings and Account Payments

Please make check/money order payable to:

Heaven-on-Earth Marketing & Image Management Company
1270 Johnson Street, Suite 205
Victoria, BC, CANADA, V8V 3P1

All Advertising Inquiries to:

Rob Vickery
Heaven-on-Earth Marketing & Image Management Company

1270 Johnson Street, Ste. #205
Victoria, BC, Canada, V8V 3P1

robvickery "AT" shaw.ca

Bus: (250) 383-7914
Cell: (250) 886-1035
Fax: (250) 383-9068

Hours: 9:00AM to 4:30PM, Monday through Friday.
Closed weekends and statutory holidays.

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To form the correct address, rejoin the two portions and add the "@" symbol in between.

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